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Part -1 | Asp.Net Core Identity Series[.NET 7] Introduction & Project Setup

The main objectives of the article are: Introduction On Asp.NET Core Identity Create Razor Page Application(.NET 7) With Asp.Net Core Identity Generate Asp.Net Core Identity Tables Default Registration & Login Asp.Net Core Identity: Asp.Net Core Identity is a built-in login functionality library that supports authentication of all different .NET applications like "MVC", "Razor Pages", "And Blazor Server". Provides rich authentication UI pages which are customizable as well. Adoptable for external authentication providers like 'Google', 'Facebook', 'Outlook', etc. Can be integrated with other authentication like 'IdentityServer4', 'Azure Active Directory', 'Azure Active Directory B2C(Azure AD B2C)'. Create A .NET7 Razor Page Application With Individual Authentication: Let's create .NET7 Razor Page application with individual authentication to accomplish our demo. We can use either Visual Studio 202