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Angular User Rating Component Using 'NgBootstrap' Library

In this article, we will know about implementing a user rating component in the angular applications using the 'NgBootstrap' library. Key Features Of NgBootstrap Rating Component: max -   The 'max' input property to define the max number of rating icons or images(eg:  stars that represent rating). By default, the 'max' input property value is 10. rate - The 'rate' input property to define the current rating value. The 'rate' input value can take either number or decimal value. readonly - The 'readonly' input property is of boolean type. If it is set to 'true', then the user can't add a rating this rating only used for display purposes. hover - The 'hover' event raises on mouse hovering. leave - The 'leave' event fires on a mouse moving from the rating component. rateChange - The 'rateChange' event raises when the user clicks on a new rating. Create An Angular Sample Application: Let's implement