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Device Detection In Angular Using ngx-device-detector Library

In this article, we are going to explore the device detection library 'ngx-device-detector' in the angular application. An Overview On ngx-device-detector Library: This library is useful to identify a browser, device type, request user agent, etc. This library is also compatible with the angular AOT compiler. Library provides us angular injectable service like 'DeviceDetectorService'. This service provides methods like: getDeviceInfo isMobile isTablet isDesktop Create A Sample Angular Application: Let's create a sample angular application to understand the 'ngx-device-detector' library. Command To Install Angular CLI:(If not installed on your system previously) npm install -g @angular/cli Angular CLI Command To Create Angular App: ng new your_project_name Command To Run App: ng serve Install Device Detection Npm Package: Command To Install Device Detection Package npm install ngx-device-detector --save After installing npm package reference will be au