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Integrating jQuery Mask Plugin Into VueJS 3.0 Application

In this article, we are going to understand the process of integration of jQuery Mask Plugin into the VueJS 3.0 application. Features Of jQuery Mask Plugin: String/Numeric/Alpha/Mixed masking supports. Support event callbacks Reverse masking. Pattern matching Option pattern matching. Create A Sample VueJS 3.0 Application: The toast plugin we are integrating needs to be integrated into the VueJS application of version 3.0. Command To Install Vue CLI Globally On Your System: npm run -g @vue/cli Command To Create Vue App: vue create your_application_name After creating a sample application run the following command to start the application. Command To Run Vue App: npm run serve Install jQuery Mask Npm Package: Command To Install Mask Plugin: npm install vue-jquery-mask After successfully installing the 'vue-jquery-mask' plugin its reference will be added to the package.json Import 'vue-jquery-mask': Let's import 'vue-jquery-mask' into our vue compon