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Scratch Card Integration In Vuejs Application Using vue-scratchable Plugin

In this article, we will learn about scratch card integration in the vuejs application using a 'vue-scratchable' plugin. Create A Vuejs Sample Application: Command To Install Vue CLI Globally On Your System: npm run -g @vue/cli Command To Create Vue App: vue create your_application_name After creating a sample application run the following command to start the application. Command To Run Vue App: npm run serve Install vue-scratchable Npm Package: Command To Install Scratch Card Package: npm i vue-scratchable Register Scratch Component Globally: Now let's register the 'vue-scratchable' library component globally by importing in main.js(entry file). src/main.js: import Vue from 'vue' import App from './App.vue' import VueScratchable from 'vue-scratchable'; Vue.component('vue-scratchable', VueScratchable); Vue.config.productionTip = false new Vue({ render: h => h(App), }).$mount('#app') (Line: 3) Imported 'v